The 7th edition of the Danxomè Land hip-hop show (Dalah’sh hip-hop) ended on Saturday 20 August 2022. After five days of intense activities and debates on urban music at the cultural space The Centre of Lobozounkpa in the town of Abomey-Calavi, the event was crowned by the great final of Cotonou underground freestyle. In front of his five challengers, the rapper Chad-T played all his trump cards to win the trophy.

Cheers followed by loud applause after the jury’s deliberation, which gave the winner to rapper Chad-T. This result seemed to be unanimously accepted by the audience, who came massively to enjoy the rhythm of hip-hop. But before reaching this point, the journey was not at all easy for the six finalists of Cotonou underground freestyle 2022.

From 130 winners to six for the final.

Initially, 130 candidates from the 13 districts of the city of Cotonou will participate in the different phases of this rap competition. Only six made it to the finals of the Cotonou underground freestyle 2022. Chad-T, Melon, Mad, Oba TDK, El-Fuego and Cœur Noir crossed the mountains and valleys to get a place in this final stage.

The finalists will be judged in solo performance, battle and thematic rap.

The finalists of the 2022 edition of Cotonou underground freestyle have been tested in several rap genres. Solo Rap, Battle and Thematic Rap where underground artists have been given words to use as inspiration to produce a clear and well-paced text on the spot. Chad-T came through this tough ordeal with flying colours, unlike the other challengers who lost some of their feathers.

More than a decade of effort rewarded.

The civil status of Abdou Rachad, the Chad-T artist, has had a passion for rap music since the age of 19. Not too well known to the general public, the 7th edition of the Dalah’sh festival allowed him to recharge his batteries and acquire new notions about his art. According to Chad-T, this reward is first of all a satisfaction for him that he is on the right journey.

“If I have reached this point, it is God’s will and thanks to the public who supported me. My challengers also have enormous potential and I believe that each of us has a bright future if we work hard. Chad-T promises to persevere in the same dynamic because, he says, it is more than time to give himself body and soul so that Beninese rap is better known and can impose itself.

Chad-T celebrating his victory with the audience. ©Afro-Impact

The Dalah’sh 2022, a successful bet for the organising committee.

Unlike previous editions, the Dalah’sh 2022 festival is a success, says Aurel Sodogandji alias AUré-KAMA of the group Mamba Noir, head of the Innov’Artions association, the event’s organising body. The reactions of the public and the stage quality of the competing artists are sufficient proof, said Auré-KAMA. Despite some adjustments to be made at the level of underground artists, he says he is confident that the next generation is assured and that Beninese rap will stand out in the global music industry.

Rap has always been perceived by Beninese society as the music of social delinquents or divorcees. Efforts are nevertheless being made in this direction to correct the situation, but this type of music still comes up against sociological constraints. Hence the need for the actors to get together and work in synergy for a good cohabitation between rap and the socio-cultural values of Benin.

Gérard Dawa

Gérard Dawa, journalist and reporter at Afro impact. Holder of a professional license in journalism obtained at ENSTIC-UAC in Benin, I am passionate about issues of health, culture and sport. I also worked in radio station and I am an active member of the PMS "Platforme Médias et Santé" of Benin. I have 8 years of experience in journalism.

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