The leaders of the Association of Filmmakers of the Animated Image of Benin (ACIAB) proceeded this Saturday, September 10, 2022 at the co-working space of the association in the group Plutonium Center in Cotonou, to the deliberation of the results of the selection test to the Animated Trimester Porto-Novo 2022 The work is conducted by a jury composed of six experts in the field of animation.

A total of 15 candidates made it through the selection process for the 2022 edition of the Animated Quarter. This fateful step follows a pre-selection phase that took place on September 3, 2022 where the pre-selection organizing committee carefully examined the various applications and retained the most relevant. At the national level, 27 applications were submitted. In this number, there are 24 boys and 3 girls, or 11.11% of female candidates.

CAIAB alumni return to the 2022 program

The ”Animated trimester” program will be very special this year. The 2022 edition gives the opportunity to some of the former beneficiaries of the 2020 and 2021 program, through a survey launched last July, to express their wish to strengthen their capacity in the training modules provided during the Animated Trimester. Thus, 09 alumni were selected to benefit from capacity building during the program. Six candidates will benefit from a complete initiation to the animation film industry.

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The candidates of the animated trimester of Porto-Novo in full test.

Trainers put at the same level of information

On Wednesday, September 13, in the premises of the association’s co-working space at the Plutonium Center group in Cotonou, the trainers’ retreat was held. During the meeting, Edjèdji Odilon ASSOU, Executive Director of ACIAB, reminded the trainers of the objectives to be achieved throughout the “Animated Trimester 2022” program. In turn, the trainers did not hesitate to ask questions of understanding for the proper conduct of the activities in view.

It should be noted that the training at the Workshop of Initiation to the Animation Film Professions is held from September 19 to December 16, 2022 in Porto-Novo and the participants benefit from a complete support during the training. This social initiative is made possible thanks to the support of the Vivendi Create Joy group, the Elowa association through its project LA GRANDE PLACE and Conrad GBAGUIDI Foundation. The participants are expected this September 18 at 3 pm at the cultural space LA GRANDE PLACE in Porto-Novo for the installation in view of an effective beginning of the training on September 19 at 9:00 am.

Pre-selection jury

Ariane AGBAHOUNGBA (Graphic Arts Specialist)

Sêsi Franck CAKPO HESSOU (Illustrator and 2D animator)

Bénédict Iréné SAÏZONOU (Editor and director)

General supervision of the works:

Edjèdji Odilon ASSOU, Head of the project ANIMATED TRIMESTER (LE TRISMESTRE ANIME) 2022 in Porto-Novo and Executive Director of the ACIAB.

Selection Jury

Ariane AGBAHOUNGBA (Graphic Arts Specialist)

Sêsi Franck CAKPO HESSOU (Illustrator and 2D animator)

Bénédict Iréné SAÏZONOU (Editor and director)

Edjèdji Odilon ASSOU (Scriptwriter)

Gjimm MOKOO (Illustrator-Animator)

Kwaku TOBOULA (2D Animator-Composer)

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