In the country of President Felix Tshisekedi, the shortage of gasoline is causing long queues at service stations in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since Monday, fuel at the pump has been scarce and gas stations are struggling to serve the population in a megalopolis of about 15 million people. And for good reason, the ships scheduled to supply Kinshasa have been delayed. The situation can only improve after September 14, according to the authorities.

For the past few days, Kinshasa has been experiencing major gasoline supply difficulties. The queues in front of the service stations have become kilometre long. This blocks the traffic and disrupts the normal course of life in the megapolis. According to a statement from the Congolese Ministry of Hydrocarbons, the country has recorded a significant drop in fuel stocks. This forces the authorities to impose on oil distributors to restrict sales at the pump. The Minister of Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu, also ordered gas stations yesterday, Thursday, to limit supplies to 30 liters per day for jeeps and 20 liters for small cars.

This situation, although unbearable for the populations, is unfortunately far from being at its epilogue. The Minister announced that the first oil tanker should dock on the Congolese coast on September 14. Its cargo should be able to feed the gas stations before the end of the month. The shortage of gasoline in the Congolese capital is an opportunity for transporters who have tripled or quadrupled the price of transport. Usually Kinshasa consumes 1,100 m3 of fuel per day, but the authorities and operators can only supply just over 600 m3.

Eliane Fatchina

Eliane Yabo Omonlayo Fatchina is a reporter of Afro impact. She holds a professional degree in journalism from ENSTIC in Benin, she is a pan-Africanist passionate about culture, social issues and the environment. With already seven years of experience, she works daily to give voice to ideas through writing.

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