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You are passionate about online jobs, you have a degree in journalism, you are experienced in web content writing, you have a strong writing skill, this platform is for you. Afro-impact offer you the opportunity to publish as a contributor On our website we deal with any kind of subjects from any horizons.

Write for us, make your talents known and gain visibility

What do we publish ?

Afro-impact deals with any subject related to Africa, able to bring added value to the African continent. Through our publications, we would like to change the world view of Africa by highlighting its intrinsic values. We are then looking for contributors willing to write for us and we will handle the publication of their original content.

What are the conditions to write for us?

To publish your articles on Afro-impact, you must respect a given number of criteria

A unique content

Uniqueness is one of our main attributes on Afro-impact. Due to the dimension of our website, we cannot afford the publication of existing content on any other website. You have stories to share with us, no worries! Just make sure your content is original. To evaluate the quality of our content, simply analyze our articles on our website.

Be simple and arouse curiosity

In most cases, simple approach texts work best. By getting straight to the point, they attracts a large audience. We therefore recommend you to use a clear, simple and understandable editorial style when writing your topics.

The sponsored articles

We do accept articles sponsored by companies wishing to boost their visibility while funding quality content. This may be helpful to you as a contributor in building a brand identity with our readers. For more details, contact our editorial team.

What we don’t publish

Already published articles

We do not publish any content already published on other sites, even if you have slightly modified it. We only accept original or unique contents.

Copied articles

Plagiarism is not tolerated, the articles published on our website must be authentic. That’s why, before any publication, we check the degree of plagiarism to ensure the originality of the content.

Incorrect informations

Please make sure the information sent is reliable.

The use of images

To avoid any inconvenience related to copyrights, please only include images of which you are the copyright holder, or if not, the royalty-free images. Otherwise, the editorial staff of Afro Impact will find images to illustrate the publication of your article.

Personals profiles

Links to personal profiles on social networks are not accepted.

Rules to be respected to publish an article

Afro Impact does not impose a subject on you. You just need to choose a compelling topic that has a positive impact on Africa and can provide added value to the website. We don’t impose any number of words for quality content either. However, please do not be boring, just go to the essential and formulate suitable titles, which attract and can arouse the curiosity of the reader while structuring correctly your texts with an appropriate use of tags (h1 ; hn).

With your user name, Afro Impact allows you to write directly on the website and submit your article for approval of publication and uploading. Your articles will be published on your name and you can provide professional information on your profile page (short biography). Note that as an author, you are exclusively responsible of your publications.

Contributor? we will be pleased to read you, just use the contact form

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