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Africa’s media and news throughout the continent, we bring our contribution to a paradigm shift. Marginalized and stigmatized for a long time, Africa has been a victim of stereotypes that hinder its development. Yet the African potential is no longer to be demonstrated. To overcome this imbalance, Afro Impact, a bilingual pan-African news site, is interested in African news in order to provide you with true, accurate, complete, independent, reliable and relevant information. We accept all points of view, all voices, all ideas and perspectives. And this, with unwavering impartiality.

At the heart of information, pan-African medias for the awareness and emergence of Africa.

Africa news

A daily collection of breaking news from Africa (East, Central, North, West, South). Africa news; Nigeria news world media as a symbol. Latest News, politics, society, education, eco finance, health, sports, entertainment,  technology, environment and more.